I want to log each day like a report inside current month year since I am logging heavy requests. I want to split folder month-wise and log file for easy reading So I created the following script: `

   $logfilename = 'Orders_'.date('F_Y').".log";

    if(!is_dir(APP_DIR . "logs/".$logfoldername))
       if(!mkdir(APP_DIR . "logs/".$logfoldername,0755))
         die("create directory ". APP_DIR . "logs/".$logfoldername." failed");

         $this->logger = new \Phalcon\Logger\Adapter\File(APP_DIR . "logs/".$logfoldername."/".$logfilename);
         $this->logger->log("Lorum Ipsum Donar..............");


My problem is on the first day it creates a log file as "LogMarch2020/Orders_March_2020.log" and works fine. But on the second day, I get error "cannot file log at LogMarch2020/Orders_March_2020.log".

I could also see that a new file has been created as "LogMarch2020/Orders_March_2020.log.1" along with "LogMarch2020/Orders_March_2020.log".

Can anyone let me know how its created? Is this some kind of streaming versioning or default behavior of ubuntu when log file exceeded size or when filehandle attempt exceeded.

  • check permissions – Talal 2 days ago

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