I am trying to change AzureADOptis at run time. I tried the following, but after this, clicking on the sign in link takes old values for redirecting it to microsoft login page. Expectation is to take updated options.

var options = new AzureADOptions
                Instance = "https://login.microsoftonline.com/",
                Domain = "....",
                TenantId = "....",
                ClientId = "....",
                CallbackPath = "/signin-oidc"

            _optionsCache.TryAdd(AzureADDefaults.AuthenticationScheme, options);

You can use OpenIdConnectOptions since AzureADOptions will also map to OpenIdConnectOptions in library . And you need to inject OpenIdConnectPostConfigureOptions into DI system and call _postConfigureOptions.PostConfigure before _optionsCache.TryAdd :



In your Controller:

private readonly IAuthenticationSchemeProvider _schemeProvider;
private readonly IOptionsMonitorCache<OpenIdConnectOptions> _optionsCache;
private readonly OpenIdConnectPostConfigureOptions _postConfigureOptions;

public HomeController(IAuthenticationSchemeProvider schemeProvider, IOptionsMonitorCache<OpenIdConnectOptions> optionsCache, OpenIdConnectPostConfigureOptions postConfigureOptions)

    _schemeProvider = schemeProvider;
    _optionsCache = optionsCache;
    _postConfigureOptions = postConfigureOptions;

In your action :

var OIDCoptions = new OpenIdConnectOptions
    Authority = "https://login.microsoftonline.com/YourTenantID/",              
    ClientId = "YourClientID",
    CallbackPath = "/signin-oidc"
_postConfigureOptions.PostConfigure(AzureADDefaults.OpenIdScheme, OIDCoptions);
_optionsCache.TryAdd(AzureADDefaults.OpenIdScheme, OIDCoptions);

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