I am using ABP Zero to create a new application and have gone down the route of using a modular approach to plugin other web projects into the main application.

The code below works fine to add in the services, views and controllers.

public class DocumentsWebModule : AbpModule

    public override void PreInitialize()
        //add in navigation

        //add in js for module views
            new EmbeddedResourceSet(

        //add the dynamic api for the module
            moduleName: "doc",
            useConventionalHttpVerbs: true

    public override void Initialize()

However, I would like each module to have it's own menu and replace the current navigation provider when browsed to. I cannot seem to find any documentation on how to achieve this.

Main Menu

So as shown the documents item is added into the main navigation provider and when this is browsed to I want the whole menu to change.

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