I write this code in nodejs for decrypt 459508BB6B65C5A304D3EFB133038A14 with TripleDES:

C = require("crypto-js");
text = C.enc.Hex.parse("459508BB6B65C5A304D3EFB133038A14");
key = C.enc.Hex.parse("90033E3984CEF5A659C44BBB47299B4208374FB5DC495C96");
iv = C.enc.Hex.parse("E6B9AFA7A282A0CA");

var d = C.TripleDES.decrypt(
        ciphertext: text
        iv: iv,
        mode: C.mode.CBC
var r = d.toString(C.enc.Utf8);

and now i want decrypt this with OpenSSL on command line. i try this command but not working:

echo -n 459508BB6B65C5A304D3EFB133038A14 | openssl enc -des3 -d -K 90033E3984CEF5A659C44BBB47299B4208374FB5DC495C96 -iv E6B9AFA7A282A0CA -nopad 

this command not work and return bad decrypted text

  • @MaartenBodewes: I don't know how I missed that. I wish I could blame the migration, but I can't come up with any plausible theory. Fixed :) – dave_thompson_085 Mar 6 at 6:24

You forgot to hex decode the ciphertext itself, try:

echo -n 459508BB6B65C5A304D3EFB133038A14 | xxd -p -r | openssl enc -des3 -d -K 90033E3984CEF5A659C44BBB47299B4208374FB5DC495C96 -iv E6B9AFA7A282A0CA

Here xxd performs the hexadecimal decoding, using:

-p | -ps | -postscript | -plain
     output in postscript continuous hexdump style. Also known as plain hexdump style.
     reverse operation: convert (or patch) hexdump into binary.

Then it prints out 12 characters, including a space character at the end:

1 0 6 4 0 3 

Note that I also removed -nopad as it is not required anymore; crypto-js uses OpenSSL compatible padding (well, openssl compatible everything really).

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