i have two tables persons and numbers. persons has a hasMany association with numbers, while numbers has a belongsTo association with persons. i also have a view method in the persons controller which displays the information about that person (including all the numbers associated to him). i also want to add an link to add a new number to that person. i was successful in passing the primary key of the person to the add method, but cant include it to the form in the add's view. i tried placing it in $this->data and adding a hidden field to the view, and using set() and assigning it as a default value to a hidden field in the view, but to no avail. any thoughts are appreciated.


I prefer passing the person ID in the GET request itself.

In your numbers controller.

function add($personId = null) {
   $this->set('personId', $personId);

In your view, modify your form helper to post to a different URL with the person ID on the end

echo $this->Form->create('Number', array('url' => '/admin/number/add' . $personId));

Now when the form posts the data, the $personId is passed to the method so you don't need to access it via the data variable.

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