I want to run Android X86 9.0-r1 virtual machine in Full Hd resolution within Vmware Workstation Player 15.

  1. Boot in debug mode (second option in boot menu)

  2. When booting stops press 'Enter' and enter command mount -o remount,rw /mnt

  3. Command cd /mnt/grub

  4. Command vi menu.lst

  5. Press 'i' to enter edit mode

  6. Replace quiet parameter in first config with 'nomodeset xforcevesa video=1920x1080' or use own params.You can also add depth buffer like this video=1280x720x32 or add dpi setting video=1280x720x32 DPI=400

  7. Press 'Esc', type ':w', press 'Enter' to save.

  8. Press 'Esc', type ':x', press 'Enter' to exit.

  9. Type reboot -f

    Thats all!

  • This did not work for me with Android x86 version 7 on VirtualBox. Are vertical resolutions like 600x1040 supported? This is what I used to make an app like TikTok partially work on Anbox. Update: I was able to change the resolution with the command wm size 600x1040 (stackoverflow.com/questions/28336026/…) but it did not fix the issue of TikTok crashing.
    – baptx
    Jan 2 at 15:20

If the android system is started press Alt+F1.

type in

mkdir /mnt/sda
mount /dev/block/sda1 /mnt/sda
vi /mnt/sda/grub/menu.lst

press i to edit, replace quiet to nomodeset xforcevesa if you have not done it until now. Because you can make sure, that it will boot. At the end of the line add UVESA_MODE=yourdesiredresolution as example UVESA_MODE=1280x720

press Esc to return read-mode press :w then press Enter press :q then press Enter type reboot then press Enter

Unfortunately, I still have one remark: You cannot choose any resolution! I tried 3840x2160 because I want to use Android x86 on a smart table. Would have been nice. Too bad.

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