Currently I am loading all users on URL/Route /admin/config/users which is picking this view ( private/apps/Admin/Views/user/users.volt ) from Admin module.

Now I have set a flag for custom layout. So if custom layout is enabled I want the phalcon to pick view from AdminExtension module i.e ( private/apps/Admin/Extension/Views/user/users.volt )

How can I achive this? I want both views. Because private/apps/Admin/Views/user/users.volt is default view for listing all users. However private/apps/Admin/Extension/Views/user/users.volt is customised view for client where a lot of design changes are done.

Here is how dispatcher code looks like:

 * @param Dispatcher $dispatcher
public function afterExecuteRoute(Dispatcher $dispatcher) {

    // Check if Json response is required
    if ($this->_isJsonResponse) {
         //if body
    } else {

        if(CxSettingCustomLayout::loadFromDb()->isCustomLayout()) {
            //pick custom view here" `private/apps/Admin/Extension/Views/user/users.volt`

        // Build current module configuration settings section name
        $moduleConfigName = 'app_' . $this->dispatcher->getModuleName();
        // Include assets configuration file where assets collections are defined
        if(file_exists($this->config[ $moduleConfigName ]['assetsFile']))
            include $this->config[ $moduleConfigName ]['assetsFile'];

        // Set a view variable with the current language code
        $this->view->setVar('current_language_code', $this->CxTranslation->getLanguage()->getCode());

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