I'm trying to configure MongoDB user store as our primary user store in WSO2 Identity Server v5.9.0 following steps provided in below GITHUB repo:

MongoDB user store extension

type = "database"
class = "org.wso2.carbon.mongodb.user.store.mgt.MongoDBUserStoreManager"
connection_url = "mongodb://localhost:27017/wso2_carbon_db"
connection_name = "wso2_admin"
connection_password = "test123"

I tried running the wso2server.bat after copying the mongodb.user.store.mgt-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar in both the paths


WSO2 Identity Server Console

WSO2 Identity Server Console

Please let me know what else do I need to configure to make it work.


It seems like the bundle is not getting activated. [1] The extension that you are using may not be compatible with IS-5.9.0. It's compatible with IS-5.5.0. So the versions should be upgraded relevant to the dependency versions used in IS-5.9.0[2]



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