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While fixed array works?

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I would like to use this extractor of components from routes:

function* getRoutesComponents(routes: Routes) {
    for (const route of routes) {
        if (route.component) {
            yield route.component;

            if (route.children) {
                yield* getRoutesComponents(route.children);

    imports: [SharedModule, RouterModule.forChild(ROUTES)],
    declarations: getRoutesComponents(ROUTES)
export class ProductModule {}    

So I can avoid missing a component declaration in declarations property. Missing a component in declarations would result to error: NG8002: Can't bind to 'ngModel' since it isn't a known property of 'input'

  • I have tried to replicate your scenario in a sample app here stackblitz.com/edit/… and it is working fine only.. childcomponent and appcomponent are pushed into a and it is loaded.. – Maniraj Murugan Mar 10 at 13:14
  • @ManirajMurugan interesting your example works. I'm using this example: github.com/DeborahK/Angular-Routing. Perhaps there's some angular or typescript settings on that project that makes the angular or typescript reads the NgModule statically – Michael Buen Mar 10 at 14:01

To enable runtime population of components for declarations, we need to disable Angular's AOT. This can be done by setting the ng serve or ng build's --aot to false.

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However, disabling AOT would cause two major inconveniences. First, we cannot use constants as keys on objects anymore. Second, when AOT is disabled, despite fullTemplateTypeCheck is set to true, Angular will still build the project even if the names binded to ngModel have typo or spelling mistakes.

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