everyone, I am making an android app which is receiving data from my node server and playing it. I am using socket.io. I did a lot of research and now I think I am confused because I read more than required.

Android will close the socket connection if I use it on Activity in resource crush situation or socket being ideal. So I got to know that I have to use service. But now I am confused on how to communicate with service. So on stackoverflow.com, I found some ways but the answers were quite abstract so I couldn't understand.

One of the ways I know and have used is to use Broadcast Receiver but I think that would make my live signal to lag a bit. I want the coming file to get saved of about 5 minutes and also get streamed. If the user makes the app to the foreground I want the audio to keep playing and when they open the activity again, the video should also start. Also killing the app should kill all services and all(this part is OK).

Please suggest me what should I do and how I must proceed. Any link to resources or any kind of help. The biggest problem is: How to make a bridge so that my Service can communicate with my UI and there is not much lag in the communication so the user can see it in realtime.

I though of a solution to make 2 sockets, one for audio and one for video. Audio continuously playing and video only start when I switch to the app. But this doesn't look like a good solution.

Please help I am very confused.

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