I have a jhipster generated application using maven with java springboot on the backend. I want to add the ical4j library to the project so under the <dependencies> tag in the pom.xml file I added the lines like explained here . However when I add import org.mnode.ical4j; the maven compiler throws an error package org.mnode does not exist . This seems pretty trivial but I don't get what I am missing. Thank you


From what I can see in the official GitHub repo (ical4j/ical4j) the correct package to import starts from net.fortuna.ical4j. Example:

import net.fortuna.ical4j.util.DefaultEncoderFactory;
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  • net.fortuna does not exist either. Also I imported org.mnode because of this question – ErgiS Mar 10 at 15:00
  • Interesting, I tested this before answering and I can use the library without issues with net.fortuna.ical4j. Have you run mvn install after changing the pom.xml? (so maven downloads everything needed) – vicpermir Mar 10 at 15:21
  • I guess I'm missing something really basic. To test I cloned this git, in the initial folder added the dependency on the pom.xml, ran mvn install, added the import line on the greeter.java class and still have the error. – ErgiS Mar 11 at 9:13
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    Ok so when I write import net.fortuna.ical4j; or import net.fortuna.ical4j.*; etc it doesn't compile but when I write it like you suggested import net.fortuna.ical4j.util.DefaultEncoderFactory; it works. Guess I need to look further into the docs. Thanks – ErgiS Mar 11 at 9:19
  • Note that Java import wildcard only applies to classes. You can't use a wildcard to import all sub packages but rather must explicitly import the packages separately. – fortuna Mar 11 at 10:12

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