I am trying to load csv file from S3 path. Am facing the below errors

1) Uncaught Error : Numeric value is not recognized. This error is due to NULL value trying to load as a string in numeric column. I found solution for this and implemented below:

create or replace file format test
type = 'CSV'
skip_header = 1 FIELD_OPTIONALLY_ENCLOSED_BY = '"'

Note : It's worked fine. Able to store the source data (NULL)

2) Uncaught Error : NULL result in a non-nullable column We have empty string in the source column which is a not null column. While loading the empty string to snowflake, it's converting to NULL and trying to load, since it's a not null column in snowflake it's throwing error. For this I have tried the below approach, which needs to handle both NULL and empty string.

create or replace file format test
type = 'CSV'
skip_header = 1 FIELD_OPTIONALLY_ENCLOSED_BY = '"'

But this approach is not working,it's working for NULL not working for empty string.

Please let me know how to handle both the empty string and NULL values in snowflake.

  • Is it possible to share two or three sample records, Thanks, Sriga – Sriga Mar 12 '20 at 12:00
  • Can you also share your copy into statement? I believe this part "NULL_IF=('')" is converting the empty string to a null. Instead of an empty string could it be "NULL_IF =(' ', '\\'), where there is a second option and the string has a space as one character? Can you store a 0 in the numeric column as the default? (it is possible to edit your question and add two lines of dummy data that is similar so that we can better help) – Rachel McGuigan Mar 12 '20 at 17:21

Try to include possibilities of null value format in NULL_IF field separated by comma like below:

type = csv 
skip_header = 0  
NULL_IF=('NULL','',' ','NULL','NULL','//N') 
empty_field_as_null = true

Also validate your input for not null fields which is not returning empty values.

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    While this code may answer the question, providing additional context regarding why and/or how this code answers the question improves its long-term value. – Igor F. Mar 13 '20 at 7:24

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