Im trying to create an Ember Addon that uses the blueprint afterInstall hook.

I have read https://cli.emberjs.com/release/writing-addons/addon-blueprints/

My addon is called hello-world.

I generated my addon blueprint by ember generate blueprint hello-world.

I have now a blueprint/hello-world/index.js file.

'use strict';

module.exports = {
  description: 'This is my blueprint',
  afterInstall(options) {

    return this.addPackagesToProject([
      { name: 'lodash' }

How could I test the the afterInstall hook is called?

My Ember Addon is in development (and has not been published), I have tried using npm link in my Ember Addon directory and npm link hello-world in my Ember app. This creates a symlink in my Ember App node_modules to point to my hello-world Ember Addon but it does not trigger the afterInstall hook.

My Ember App package.json does not get an entry for lodash in dependencies or devDependencies.

Part of my Ember App package.json

"devDependencies": {
    "hello-world": "*"

Running npm install --offline does not seem to trigger the blueprint hook.


Ember addons are typically installed with the command ember install addon_name. This function essentially is the composite of:

npm install addon_name
ember generate addon_name

So after you npm link your addon, go into the consuming project and generate your addon's default blueprint with ember generate addon_name

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