I have an Istio 1.4.6 VirtualService with a match and a url rewrite defined as follows:

    - authority:
        prefix: example.com
        prefix: /foo/bar
      uri: /
    - destination:
        host: some-service
          number: 80

I would like a rewrite like follows:

Traffic directed to /foo/bar or any subpath of that should be rewritten to / plus any subpath on some-service.

example.com/foo/bar -> some-service
example.com/foo/bar/subpath -> some-service/subpath
example.com/foo/bar/subpath/anothersubpath -> some-service/subpath/anothersubpath

However, when I sysdig the traffic coming into some-service, I see that Istio has rewritten the path to:

GET //subpath/anothersubpath HTTP/1.1

Notice the two slashes in the GET request. In the VirtualService spec rewrite.uri field, I can't seem to leave that field empty or add an empty string there. Doing so causes the resource not to validate.

I.e. I can NOT do this:

      uri: ""

And can NOT do this


How can I define a VirtualService rewrite to send traffic to the root of the destination service? Any help is much appreciated.


There is a github issue about this.

The simplest fix is to add whitespace in the uri as long as You are not running .net core application.

      uri: " "

Other workaround can be found here,

Hope it helps.

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  • Thank you very much for that answer. Good to know there are several workarounds and an issue for it. – Joe J Mar 12 at 20:18

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