I have a .jsonc file with the following structure:

{ /* 
  this is a block of text

  "myparameter": value, \\ this is an explanation of the parameter 
  "mysecondparameter": value \\ this is an explanation of the parameter 


when loading directly with json lib python can not decode it

import json

with open('parameters.jsonc') as f:
  parameters = json.load(f)

JSONDecodeError: Expecting property name enclosed in double quotes

does anyone have a workaround to load it as a dict in python ?

  • Even the link says this is just a proposal, not an established format that you can expect any tool to support yet. – chepner Mar 12 at 20:52

this question is duplicated

anyway, in short: use jsmin

pip install jsmin

import json
from jsmin import jsmin

with open('parameters.jsonc') as js_file:
    minified = jsmin(js_file.read())
parameters  = json.loads(minified)
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