The approach of my graphic designer for formatting our Svelte application is having a systematic set of classes in LESS, importing the appropriate LESS file in the component or page, and then applying those classes wherever he needs them. As a result we have an abundant amount of unused classes, which we might use at a later point.

The great thing about Svelte is that unused CSS is not compiled, so all those (yet) redundant classes are not in the way anyway. However, whenever we compile, we get a big list of warnings: "Unused CSS selector". This is a major nuisance, because it makes it harder to notice when an actual error is created. Plus it just looks ugly.

I checked the documentation and there is a way to suppress warnings, but that only works for the HTML part.

Is there any way of getting rid of these warnings? Note that we use Svelte Preprocess.


I found this solution a bit smoother which I modified slightly:

// rollup.config.js
    onwarn: (warning, handler) => {
        const { code, frame } = warning;
        if (code === "css-unused-selector")

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  • Yes, that's the proper way to solve this. Thank you so much! – Mielipuoli Apr 17 at 10:07

There doesn't seem to be any possibility to turn off this warning in a proper way. However, there is a workaround.

In node_modules/svelte/compiler.js, remove line 24842 or put it in comments:


You will have to do this again when you update or reinstall svelte.

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  • This is the only way that actually addresses the issue, for me (which was the massive performance hit that I get because it's generating 1000s of warnings per file, VSCode stops autocompleting or formatting my code on save, system locks to a halt, etc). Thank you – Jay Jun 27 at 3:11
  • You're welcome, but...check the other answer, by Fractalf. If you use Rollup, you can just take over his code suggestion for in the config file. – Mielipuoli Jul 7 at 11:15
  • Yeah I am using rollup and tried that method. Didn't work for me. Performance was still bad. – Jay Jul 24 at 21:42

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