I'm trying to use FOCA (from ElevenPaths) and to use this software I need a SQL Server database.

For some reasons, I already had UwAmp on my computer and I like it (for another use). So I tried to use it as a SQL Server database but I can't seem to find the server name.

Here is a screenshot of the authentication necessary for FOCA:

enter image description here

I already know how to find the username and the password when I connect the UwAmp server, but not SQL server name, soo if someone know where I can find it (or if the soft can't be used as a SQL Server database), I would be really grateful for your help.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

  • Have you tried dropping down the Authentication dialog and choosing Windows Authentication? – David Browne - Microsoft Mar 14 at 16:58
  • Yes, that's the first thing I tried but it's not working. I went into the "SQL server configuration manager" of Windows but everything is stopped in the "SQL server services" soo i think maybe UwAmp don't provide a SQL server service, only a SQL database. – Antorinne Mar 15 at 8:00
  • Then you need to install SQL Server Express Edition from here: microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server/sql-server-downloads – David Browne - Microsoft Mar 15 at 11:42
  • I already did it and it works but I wanted to know if it's possible to use UwAmp for this, but as the community is small, it's hard to find answers to this. – Antorinne Mar 15 at 13:00

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