Here is the AR Quick Look website from Apple docs - https://developer.apple.com/augmented-reality/quick-look/

If I go to this website in the Safari browser on my iPhone 8, then everything is working correctly. I can tap any of the 3D model and place it inside the Augmented Reality.

However, if I view the same website in the WKWebView, then the AR models are not working correctly. I am not able to tap any model and place it inside the AR.

For the comparison I am attaching screenshots from the Safari browser and from the WKWebView





As you can see in WKWebView, the AR icon is not even showing up.

Does anyone knows why AR images are not working inside the WKWebView?

I will be very glad for any help.


I just found a tweet from 2018 suggesting that WKWebView does not support AR Quick Look. You can find it here. The WebKit website also suggests that.

Most probably SFSafariController should be used instead.

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