I have an android app compiled with SDK 7.4.0.GA. I'm trying to update it (to 8.3.1.GA) but, during the compilation, I have this error message, with 2 [ERROR] empty :

[ERROR] Failed to compile Java source files:

I tried to create a new app project, but the problem is the same. I also tried with 7.5.2.GA, and I still have this error. I have run 'ti clean', with no effect.

If I execute 'ti info', it says 'Unable to locate an Android NDK', but I would need it also with 7.4.0, so I think it's not the problem ?

Could someone help me ?

Thanks a lot :)

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    is that the whole output of ti info or is it just one of the errors? It would be good to see the installed versions of your toolchain (javac, node, titanium, alloy, appc, Android SDKs). You could also increase your JAVA memory ti android.javac.maxMemory "1G" and ti config android.dx.maxMemory "1G" and compile it with -l trace to see some more logs. – miga Mar 15 at 17:13
  • It was because of the memory :o Thank you very much :) – Clément Mar 15 at 20:05
  • Nice, I'll add it as an answer so other people can find it – miga Mar 16 at 9:03

Increase your JAVA memory

ti config android.javac.maxMemory "1G"
ti config android.dx.maxMemory "1G"

and check your ti info with -l trace

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    You forgot the "config" for the first command, in the comment and in the answer :) – Clément Mar 20 at 13:20
  • thanks! Fixed in the answer – miga Mar 20 at 15:28

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