I am a beginner in JHipster and Spring.I'm reading a documentation about spring data repository: https://docs.spring.io/spring-data/data-commons/docs/1.6.1.RELEASE/reference/html/repositories.html. In the section 1.2 "Query method", step 3 "Set up Spring to create proxy instances for those interfaces", they show me a XML file in which we declare a proxy instance to create a query to the database.

My questions are: Can somebody explain to me the purpose of that file? Can I create a more complex query while using it? Where is the file located in the java code generated by JHipster? I just suppose that JHipster uses a XML file behind to help create query to the database. If it doesn't exist after we generate the code with JHipster, should I define a XML file with the same type somewhere inside the project to make complex query?

I'm using JHipster version 6.8.0.

Thank you very much

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