I have an array of User documents each user has followers attribute which is a number, I just want to increment this attribute by 1 and then update all those user documents in the DB at once.

More details:

In the request I have an array of user ids, I query with those ids to get an array of user documents.

const users = await User.find({"_id": {$in: req.body.ids}});

each user document has an attribute called followers which is a number.

const userSchema = new mongoose.Schema({

  // other attributes...........,

  followers: {
    type: Number,
    default: 0

I want to increment the number of followers in each user in the users array and update the DB at once without sending a request to update each user separately, Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance

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    Can you share more details? Please show the documents and expected output – mickl Mar 16 '20 at 19:33

You can use $inc and run updateMany:

await User.updateMany({"_id": {$in: req.body.ids}}, { $inc: { followers: 1 } });

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