I've a spring boot app that serves an AngularJS frontend, which was originally created by Jhipster.

The app is working and is served via a port (http://example.com:1234).

We're moving all our applications to Traefik (2.0) as a reverse proxy, so that the app is accessible through "http://my-app.example.com". This is working for http.

Additionally, we wanted to add TLS to the frontend (https://my-app.example.com). TLS and Traefik is working, but now the AngularJS app does not work correctly. When I access the app via https, the AngularJS $templateCache does not work. Instead of using the embedded templates (e.g. app/home.html) from the template cache, AngularJS tries to fetch the template from the host (runs a http GET for https://my-app.example.com/app/home.html). Since the app/home.html is embedded as part of the app.js, the http-GET obviously failes with a 404.

We have no idea why it is working with http, but not with https. Anyone any ideas?

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