I use Angular 6 and JHipster 5.2.1

As it's available in html:

<span jhiTranslate="myapp.vehicule.reinitialiser">Réinitialiser</span>

I would like to do it in typescript.

 const btnCancelText = this.jhiTranslateComponent.translateValues("myapp.vehicule.reinitialiser");

I don't know how to do it. Could you help me please?



Nevermind. I found it using:

const btnCancelText = this.translate.instant("myapp.vehicule.reinitialiser");

Thanks! :)

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  • What do you need to import in your component to be able to do that? New component simply states: "Property 'translate' does not exist on type ..." – JavaDevSweden 1 hour ago

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