I am using the Affectiva SDK for emotion recognition. The current workflow is to initialise a CameraDetector and targetting a specified div. The targetted div is then populated with a Video and a Canvas Tag. Both tags are populated with a live stream from the users' webcam. Can be seen in the image below.

I am trying to test the accuracy of this SDK, however, I cannot insert images or alter the Video source. Tried to edit the video source and nothing changed, the image stayed the same.

How can you insert an image into a video stream?

If anyone has used the Affectiva SDK and used images instead of videos, describe how.

enter image description here

Current Javascript code to intialise the SDK

function intialiseEmotionRecognition(){
// SDK Needs to create video and canvas nodes in the DOM in order to function
// Here we are adding those nodes a predefined div.
var divRoot = $("#affdex_elements")[0];
var width = 320;
var height = 240;
var faceMode = affdex.FaceDetectorMode.LARGE_FACES;
//Construct a CameraDetector and specify the image width / height and face detector mode.
var detector = new affdex.CameraDetector(divRoot, width, height, faceMode);
//Enable detection of all Emotions
//Initialise webcam and image listeners

//Add a callback to notify when camera access is allowed
function webcamEventListeners(){
    //Add a callback to notify when the detector is initialized and ready for runing.
    detector.addEventListener("onInitializeSuccess", function () {
        console.log('#logs', "Load Successful");
        var canvas = document.getElementById('face_video_canvas');
        var ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');
        var img = document.getElementById("scream");
        ctx.drawImage(img, 10, 10)
    detector.addEventListener("onWebcamConnectSuccess", function () {
        console.log('#logs', "Webcam Connected");
        webcamActive = "True"

    //Add a callback to notify when camera access is denied
    detector.addEventListener("onWebcamConnectFailure", function () {
        console.log('#logs', "Webcam Not Connected");
        webcamActive = "False"

function recivedImageListener(){
    //Add a callback to receive the results from processing an image.
    //The faces object contains the list of the faces detected in an image.
    //Faces object contains probabilities for all the different expressions, emotions and appearance metrics
    detector.addEventListener("onImageResultsSuccess", function (faces) {
        if (faces.length > 0) {
            var emotions = JSON.stringify(faces[0].emotions, function (key, val) { return val.toFixed ? Number(val.toFixed(0)) : val; })
            emotionName = getEmotion(emotions, emotionName)


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