I am looking for an indexed container in C++ which has the following properties:

  • get the element at the k-th position in O(log n)
  • insert an element at the k-th position in O(log n)
  • delete the element at the k-th position in O(log n)

I was thinking about a workaround using a map which works similar, but I can't figure it out. There is also a container in Java called TreeList which has said properties.

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    C++ doesn't have such a container. You'll need to find a library that offers one or make your own. Mar 17, 2020 at 17:47

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You need an order statistics tree. It's a binary search tree that keeps track of the size of each subtree, and that information can be used to perform the operations you need in logarithmic time. The C++ standard library doesn't implement such a data structure, so you need to implement your own or use another library. The GNU policy-based data structures extension includes this.

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