My test case scenario is about a search textbox and a grid with the search results.

By using the following currently, i search only on the first column.

foreach (GridColumn s in columns)
   data = data.Where(string.Format("{0}.Contains(@0)", s.PropertyName), searchValue);

As you already guessed, if i remove the break statement, no results are returned due to the lack of OR statements between the foreach loop.

How can i search for a single value in multiple columns with Linq.Dynamic.Core?

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  • how about, if (data != null && data.Any()){break;} – Sajid Mar 18 at 14:23
  • @Sajid Still If the searchValue does not exist in the first column the foreach loop will break. – OrElse Mar 18 at 14:38

With System.Linq.Dynamic.Core you could use code like this:

var xx = new [] { "ax", "bx", "cy", "dz" };

var columns = new[] { "x", "y" };

string query = string.Join(" or ", columns.Select(c => $"it.Contains(\"{c}\")"));

var result = xx.AsQueryable().Where(query);

Example in LinqPad: enter image description here

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