I'm using contentful in a project and I have different files : number, title, richtext etc. While I try to display a Richtext file, if I have a strong letters, I need to do two call. For example here is my view :

<% test = contentful.entries(content_type:'test',include: 2)%>

<% test.each do |t|%>
  <strong><%= t.desc_sous_titre1.dig('content', 0, 'content', 0, 'value')%></strong>
  <%= t.desc_sous_titre1.dig('content', 0, 'content', 1, 'value')%>
<% end %>

And what it looks like : Hello, my name is Antoine

So here is my question, is there any solution to do only one call on this file to get my sentence with the strong part ? Also have this problem when I go back to the line with the RichtextFile

Edit : I saw that I should use a helper : https://github.com/contentful/rich-text-renderer.rb

But i'm stuck at the usage step, I write in my controller

require 'rich_text_renderer'
renderer = RichTextRenderer::Renderer.new

and then :

def test 

I have the error : undefined method key? for "/pages/test":String

What am I doing wrong ?

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