I want to import app from app.js to init.js.


For me, explicitly writing the file extension works, but omitting it does not.

  • "./app.js" works ✅
  • "./app" doesn't work 🛑

But the tutorial I'm following has "./app" working. So why does it not work for me?

The only thing I did differently is adding "type": "module" inside package.json and name .babelrc to babel.config.json due to the updated Babel Node usage.


node v13.60
"@babel/core": "^7.8.7",
"@babel/node": "^7.8.7",
"express": "^4.17.1"

Error message

Error: Cannot find module /Users/leochoo/dev/wetube/app imported from /Users/leochoo/dev/wetube/init.js
    at Loader.resolve [as _resolve] (internal/modules/esm/default_resolve.js:100:13)
    at Loader.resolve (internal/modules/esm/loader.js:72:33)
    at Loader.getModuleJob (internal/modules/esm/loader.js:156:40)
    at ModuleWrap.<anonymous> (internal/modules/esm/module_job.js:42:40)
    at link (internal/modules/esm/module_job.js:41:36) {
[nodemon] app crashed - waiting for file changes before starting...

Files related

// app.js
const app = express();
export default app; //share this to init
// init.js
import app from "./app.js";
// babel.config.json
  "presets": ["@babel/preset-env"]
// package.json
  "name": "wetube",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "author": "Leonard Choo",
  "dependencies": {
    "@babel/core": "^7.8.7",
    "@babel/node": "^7.8.7",
    "body-parser": "^1.19.0",
    "cookie-parser": "^1.4.5",
    "express": "^4.17.1",
    "helmet": "^3.21.3",
    "morgan": "^1.9.1"
  "scripts": {
    "start": "nodemon --exec babel-node init.js --delay 2"
  "devDependencies": {
    "@babel/preset-env": "^7.8.7",
    "nodemon": "^2.0.2"
  "type": "module"


enter image description here


Perhaps this link is related?

  • MDN says: "Certain bundlers may permit or require the use of the extension; check your environment."
    – Teemu
    Mar 19 '20 at 10:21
  • Are the init.js and app.js in the same folder? and also which tutorial are you following?
    – M A Salman
    Mar 19 '20 at 10:32
  • @Supercool. You can see that they are in the same folder from the screenshot. It's a paid course so I can't share it :(
    – Leonard
    Mar 19 '20 at 11:23


babel-node uses @babel/register internally. And @babel/register does not support compiling native Node.js ES modules on the fly, since currently there is no stable API for intercepting ES modules loading.

So, currently there is no way to use both of them, @babel/register and ES modules.(type: module will make your nodejs treats every js file as ES module)

  • No way to use both of them - are you sure?
    – Nelles
    Mar 19 '20 at 14:52
  • @Nelles if we use the word 'use' for a official support, yes, there is no way to use both of them at same time. @babel/register doesn't support nodejs native ES module system. Mar 20 '20 at 7:08
  • babeljs.io/docs/en/… Mar 20 '20 at 7:08
  • Thanks for the answer!! But I'm not sure how this is related the file extension ;(
    – Leonard
    Mar 23 '20 at 20:08
  • 1
    @Leonard babel is parsing js files and rewrite all unsupported grammars to supported one. you set "type": "module" in package.json. I think the babel parser has a bug for loading es module with native node. Mar 25 '20 at 12:44

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