I am building a server control that will search our db and return results. The server control is contains an ASP:Panel. I have set the default button on the panel equal to my button id and have set the form default button equal to my button id.

On the Panel:

 MyPanel.DefaultButton = SearchButton.ID

On the Control:

Me.Page.Form.DefaultButton = SearchButton.UniqueID 

Works fine in IE & Safari I can type a search term and hit the enter key and it searches fine. If I do it in FireFox I get an alert box saying "Object reference not set to an instance of an a object.

Anyone run across this before?


Is SearchButton a LinkButton? If so, the javascript that is written to the browser doesn't work properly.

Here is a good blog post explaining the issue and how to solve it:

Using Panel.DefaultButton property with LinkButton control in ASP.NET


Ends up this resolved my issue:

     SearchButton.UseSubmitBehavior = False

I might be wrong and this might not make a difference but have you tried:

Me.Page.Form.DefaultButton = SearchButton.ID

instead of

Me.Page.Form.DefaultButton = SearchButton.UniqueID

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