I just want to move the folder where all of my projects are stored. It seems to be able to do this, I need to re-map the folders which performs a get and download all of the files. I don't want to lose progress on files that I currently have checked out and am working on.

Is there a way to simply rename the mappings for my TFS projects without performing a get?

  • Hi rgorr, sorry it's not able to do this without Get operation. Do you have any other concern? If my reply helped or gave a right direction. Appreciate for marking it as an answer will also help others in the community. – PatrickLu-MSFT Mar 28 at 2:19

No, you need to perform a "Get" on the branch root level to update project associations.

A workspace mapping creates a client-side folder into which all files and subfolders in the Team Foundation version control server folder are retrieved when you execute a tf get operation.

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If you want to suspend your work, you could shelve your pending changes to a shelveset. Then change workspace mapping. Finally unshelve your shelveset. You could continue to work on them. More details please refer: Suspend your work and manage your shelvesets

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