How to fix following error I have create one issue when I type Me.Salary.RowSource the not showing .RowSource in drop list if I type manually Me.Salary.RowSource then not work code how to fix it and also not showing me.salary.Itemdata what I do kindly help me thanks.

Me.Salary.RowSource = "SELECT SalaryPM FROM" & _
       " Employees WHERE ID = " & Me.EmployeeID & _
       " Order BY ID"
Me.Salary Me.Salary.ItemData(0)
  • Run the query in a test query to see if it produces the list you expect to see. – HackSlash Mar 19 '20 at 22:25
  • Show the query that you type manually and that works. – Tomalak Mar 20 '20 at 10:04
  • Line Me.Salary Me.Salary.ItemData(0) makes no sense. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? – June7 Mar 20 '20 at 11:08

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