This bash command "etcdctl get system config/log/timestamp" returns time type either UTC or System. Now i want to use this to convert time to same format. How can i do that?

I tried this but it failed td-agent running.

  @type exec
  command etcdctl get system config/log/timestamp
    keys timeType

Now i want to use that timeType to convert my time from given log to that timeType

{"host":"sp-1","level":"INFO","log":{"classname":"common.server.hacluster.CSFHATopologyChangeHandlerMBean:93","message":"Finished processing CSF HA 'become standby' message.","stacktrace":"","threadname":"RMI TCP Connection(1784)-"},"process":"becomeStandby","service":"SP","time":"2020-03-19T10:15:36.514Z","timezone":"America/Toronto","type":"log","system":"SP_IG_20_3_R1_I2002","systemid":"SP_IG_20_3_R1_I2002"}

This is where i want to use that $timeType

<filter com.logging.tmplog>
  @type record_modifier
  type log
  time ${record["time"]}.$timeType   ## It's not working
  arun ${tag}
  • Why is this tagged as a ruby question? – the Tin Man Mar 19 '20 at 21:51
  • I did it because fluentd has plugins in ruby. So may be the solution can be ruby – arun kushwaha Mar 20 '20 at 4:39

The issue is solved by using record-modifier's prepare_value

<filter com.logging.tmplog> @type record_modifier prepare_value @timeType =`etcdctl get system config/log/timestamp`.strip

<record> timeType ${@timeType} time ${if @timeType == 'UTC' then Time.at(time).utc.strftime('%FT%T') else Time.at(time).to_s; end} </record> </filter>

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