I've been able to run near dev-deploy using near-shell for a Rust contract, and then call a function "new" with near call my-account new '{"param1": "foo"}'

However, this does not work when I deploy the same contract to my preferred account created with NEAR Wallet.

The error is:

Smart contract panicked: panicked at 'Cannot deserialize the contract state.: Custom { kind: InvalidInput, error: "Unexpected length of input" }',

Turns out there is a common problem in the blockchain world when updating a contract at the same account/address. The solution here was to delete and remake the account. I used near-shell to delete it, then Wallet to recreate it.

On the command line:

near delete my-account another-account-getting-the-tokens

Then created the account again by visiting: https://wallet.nearprotocol.com/create/

This cleared the state and I was able to redeploy the contract and run the init function "new"

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  • Awesome! Another solution is to create the sub account with the current as master and then change CONTRACT_NAME in config.js – mattdlockyer Jun 2 at 15:02

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