I'm trying to register a collection along with its instanceCreator. I wasn't able to find any overload for the Container.Collection.Register method which accepts an instanceCreator. If i try to run a loop and register a type along with its instanceCreator multiple times using the Container.Register(instanceCreator, lifestyle), i'm unable to do it because i get the error that type cannot be registerd multiple times.

Basically what i'm trying to do is:

foreach(var item in items){
 Container.Register<ILogWriter>(instanceCreator, lifestyle)

I have multiple implementations of ILogWriter and each have their own different configurations which need to passed in the constructor, hence i need to use the instanceCreator overload.



Container.Collection.Register is meant for registering the whole collection at once. For instance by using batch-registration and supplying a list of Assembly instances, or a list of Type instances.

What you are looking for, on the other hand, is registering a single item for a collection of instances. This is done using the Container.Collection.Append overloads:

container.Collection.Append<ILogWriter>(instanceCreator, lifestyle);
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