Hello I made a PWA that plays random videos. It works perfectly fine in Android or PC and almost perfect in Safari but when I install the app in iOS my HTML5 video player does not load the videos. It was working 2 days ago and nothing big changed since back then but today it's not working. Also because I don't have any MacOS devices to run the simulator on so I can't debug it. I have the source code open in GitHub, do you have any idea what this is all about?

I am also giving the video source with JS, if that has something to do with it.

document.getElementById("vsrc").src = srcRaw + videoid + ".mp4";

GitHub code: https://github.com/ondersumer07/vinematik

Site itself: https://ondersumer07.github.io/vinematik/


After a long research I figured it out. What you need to do is add crossorigin attribute to your HTML5 video element. But it needs to be only in iOS otherwise it will break your video player on Android or Web.

To do that you need to use a bit of javascript:

// Detect iOS and if it is, add the crossorigin to the video player so that it is working as expected
  if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Safari') != -1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mac') != -1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Chrome') == -1){
    document.getElementById("videoEl").setAttribute("crossorigin", "true");

This piece of code will add crossorigin attribute to video element only in iOS. And when you use that code it also works in PWA.

This is how I solved my problem.

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