I have a list of Funcs which contains the types and their arguments which i need to register to the container:

var LogCreaters = new List<Func<ILogFormat, FolderLocation, ILogWriter>>
    (fmt,path)=> new NlogWriter(new NlogConfiguration(fmt,path.logging)),
    (fmt,path)=> new DisplayWriter(fmt)

This is how I'm trying to register the collection:


Followed by:

foreach (var item in LogCreater)
        () => item(LogFormat, FolderLocation), LifeSpan.Scoped);

But container.Verify() throws the following exception:

The configuration is invalid. Creating the instance for type Logger failed. The constructor of type NlogWriter contains the parameter with name 'config' and type NlogConfiguration, but NlogConfiguration is not registered. For NlogConfiguration to be resolved, it must be registered in the container.

What I'm guessing is that the type NlogWriter is registered in the container but it's constructor arguments are not getting registered in the process. How would i be able to register the LogCreators along with their constructors and the types in the constructor arguments to the container in my current scenario.

I asked this question recently about how to register a collection, in which my question was answered but i guess i wasnt able to explain my current scenario properly, hence i'm posting this again with more detail.


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    Hi Hamza, I read your question a couple of times and copied the posted code to a console application, but I don't understand the question, nor your code. The code doesn't compile and its unclear to me what you are trying to achieve. Please update your question and post a minimal reproducible example. A good way to do this is by recreating the problem in an empty console application, using the minimal amount of code that reproduces the problem and then post that exact compilable code here on Stack Overflow. – Steven Mar 21 at 15:04
  • Also describe in your question what the goal is of the Func<ILogFormat, FolderLocation, ILogWriter> delegates and show how its indented to be used. Who is calling this for instance. – Steven Mar 21 at 15:05

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