I am trying to use phpamqplib or pecl amqp to send messages to IBM MQ trough amqp protocol.

With phpamqplib I get: 

3/21/20 19:04:28.965 AMQXR0021W: Client 'null' at network address '......' disconnected abnormally  with exception 'Received fatal alert: unknown_ca'. 

I am specifying the cacert and have imported it in the keystore. 

Pecl amqp - cannot find working example with ssl .

Is there some php library that I can use for IBM MQ?

Thank you

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    Why did you add mqtt if you asked about amqp? – JoshMc Mar 23 at 19:39
  • Some lightweight protocol, doesn't matter :) both are supported on mq side. Just found this.. but didnt tested yet. hivemq.com/blog/mqtt-client-library-encyclopedia-mosquitto-php – Vasilev Mar 23 at 20:13
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    Not as far as I know MQTT on MQ side is not included in the base MQ but AMQP is included in the base MQ. I think MQTT is part of MQ Advanced only. I don't know a lot about either so someone with more knowledge will correct me if I am wrong, @roger for example. – JoshMc Mar 23 at 20:47
  • Also you should modify your question to include mqtt if that is what you are know also asking for. – JoshMc Mar 23 at 21:27

IBM has a support document on using PHP with IBM MQ here.

In the document, they use PECL.

There are other PHP/IBM MQ user projects in GitHub:

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  • Hello Roger, Thanks for the info. Yes but i search how to connect via mqtt or amqp protocol . This mqseries is using another type of connection.. – Vasilev Mar 23 at 19:05
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    @Vasilev you asked "Is there some php library that I can use for IBM MQ?". So, I gave you several solutions. Also, it is better to use IBM MQ's protocol than to use either MQTT or AMPQ but IBM does support both MQTT and AMPQ protocols. – Roger Mar 23 at 20:17
  • Question was connected with the whole topic :) ok why it is better ? – Vasilev Mar 23 at 21:30
  • First, RTM. Second, IBM MQ only supports a subset of the MQTT and AMQP protocols (i.e. IBM MQ does not support MQTT v5). Third, doing PHP -> AMQP -> IBM MQ is taking the long road when it is simpler to do PHP -> IBM MQ. – Roger Mar 24 at 15:45
  • Ok. Thank you, will try, although i don't want to change so much on the webserver side .. only in the code. Already created java to upload a file to a queue, but wanted to try with these lightweight protocols. – Vasilev Mar 24 at 21:16

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