I've set up the following web app manifest which specifies that "display" should be "standalone":

  "background_color": "#ffffff",
  "description": "Some description",
  "display": "standalone",
  "icons": [
      "src": "plug-192.png",
      "sizes": "192x192",
      "type": "image/png",
      "purpose": "any maskable"
      "src": "plug-512.png",
      "sizes": "512x512",
      "type": "image/png",
      "purpose": "any maskable"
  "name": "Some name",
  "short_name": "Some short name",
  "start_url": "/",
  "scope": "/"

On Chrome and Safari, adding the app to home screen will exclude the browser UI as expected, but on Android Firefox 68.6.0, it doesn't. Removing start_url or scope (cf. e.g. this SO post which tackles the same problem for Chrome), and cleaning the cache to ensure that the manifest is updated makes no difference. At first, I assumed the functionality simply wasn't in place, given this Bugzilla entry, but in fact, the test app given in the comments works as expected when I try to install it in Firefox.

The app is currently available here.

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