I have a custom button "View All" in my List view, i want it to be visible only to a user who have a certain group access how can i achieve it?.

I tried adding groups attribute to the button but it didn't work,

<template xml:space="preserve">
    <t t-extend="ListView.buttons">
        <t  t-jquery="button.o_list_button_add" t-operation="before">
            <button t-if="widget.modelName == 'leave.request.allocation'" type="button" class="btn btn-primary btn-sm oe_filter_button" accesskey="f" groups="hr_holidays.group_hr_holidays_manager">
                View All


On ListView their have render_buttons function which has on js level. So you can add the condition their to check with the user having your group or not and based on that code to display the button and hide. Here you go :

var ListView = require('web.ListView');
    render_buttons: function($node) {
        this._super.apply(this, arguments);
        this.session.user_has_group('Your Group').then(function(has_group) {
            if (has_group) {
                // Do Something
            } else {
                // Do Something


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  • Hi thanks for the answer var user_group = self.getSession().user_has_group('Your Group') im getting an array here instead of boolean – user9523333 Mar 23 at 8:04
  • web.assets_backend.js:2474 {state: ƒ, always: ƒ, then: ƒ, promise: ƒ, pipe: ƒ, …} this is what im getting – user9523333 Mar 23 at 8:42
  • 1
    @user9523333 this.session.user_has_group('Your Group').then(function(has_group) { if(has_group) { // Do Something } else { // Do Something } }); – Dipen Shah Mar 23 at 9:05
  • Can you please edit the last comment into your answer? – CZoellner Mar 23 at 9:20

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