I am making a ping command :) It is very simple to code, but I haven't got the slightest idea how to edit the embed I'm using. Here is my code - I'm using a command handler explaining the exports.run statement.

const Discord = require('discord.js')

exports.run = (bot, message, args) => {  
const pingUpdate = new Discord.MessageEmbed()

exports.help = {
  name: 'ping'

I need to edit the ping update embed to make the .description edit to perform this (simple ping calculation)

message.channel.send('pinging...').then((m) => m.edit(`${m.createdTimestamp - message.createdTimestamp}ms`))

This would make the description change from 'pinging...' to 'examplepingms' Thank you in advance :)


You going right way. But to .setDescription you need create new Embed constructor and add description.

message.channel.send('pinging...').then(msg => {
    let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed() //For discord v11 Change to new Discord.RichEmbed()
        .setDescription(`${msg.createdTimestamp - message.createdTimestamp}`)

also, instead of doing msg.createTimeStamp - message.createdTimestamp you could also do bot.ping.toFixed(2)

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This should work (dont have time to test rn)

    const Embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()

    const newEmbed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()

    // Edit Part Below
    var Msg = await message.channel.send(Embed); // sends message
    Msg.edit(newEmbed) // edits message with newembed

Edit: realized that im using a older version of discord.js updated to make it work with newer version

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  • Thank you, this should help people – Proto Sep 10 at 22:19

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