• Laravel Version: 6
  • PHP Version: 7.3


After installing Laravel 6, i get the following error message:

The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation.

I don't have find anything in the docs about this?


It is because of Flare error reporting service enabled in debug mode There is a workaround for this.

Publish flare config file php artisan vendor:publish --tag=flare-config

and in config/flare.php


'collect_git_information' => false 
'reporting' => [
        'anonymize_ips' => true,
        'collect_git_information' => false,
        'report_queries' => true,
        'maximum_number_of_collected_queries' => 200,
        'report_query_bindings' => true,
        'report_view_data' => true,
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