I have been trying to detect an tag using the PN532 module that I bought from amazon here:


I followed the tutorial here:


I tried using both I2C or SPI, but both results just give me the following when I run nfc-poll:

nfc-poll uses libnfc 1.7.1
NFC reader: pn532_spi:/dev/spidev0.0 opened
NFC device will poll during 30000 ms (20 pollings of 300 ms for 5 modulations)
nfc_initiator_poll_target: Success

It seems like the PN532 is connected to the Pi properly, but the tag is not being detected or printing any info. I am beginning to wonder if the problem is with the PN352 device itself. Maybe I got a faulty one?


  • Your nfc-poll results looks OK, implying that the PN532 module should be working properly. I have followed your tutorial and installed libnfc 1.7.1 smoothly, EXCEPT I could not find and config file and needed to write the config file myself. My reader can detect a tag OK. Please read my answer for more details. Please feel free to ask me to do other tests for you. Cheers.
    – tlfong01
    Mar 25, 2020 at 13:17

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Update 2020mar29hkt2040

Part 1 - libnfc v1.17 I2C config tested OK

The OP has no luck in testing libnfc I2C mode and SPI mode. I tried I2C mode and found everything OK. I guess the OP has not set the config file, or has not set "auto scan = true". See my example libnfc171 config file in Appendix A. PS - (1) My NFC reader can detect a tag without any problem. (2) I am using Rpi4B buster 2020mar13.

Part 2 - Now testing SPI mode 2020mar29hkt2044

Sunfounder config instructions recommends lowering SPI speed 50kHz. So I have changed the /bbo/config.txt file as shown in Appendix F.

/ to continue, ...


(1) The OP's NFC RFID Controller Module

(2) SunFounder Rpi PN532 NFC Module Tutorial

(3) Libnfc NFC Library

(4) Libnfc Configuration Manual

(5) Libnfc Main Page

(6) Libnfc: configuration

(7) Libnfc: nfc-list

(8) MIFARE Card


Appendix A - Installing libnfc 1.7.1

nfc config

Appendix B - Reading a tag

reading a tag

Appendix C - NFC Reader Tested


Appendix D - My NFC readers and tags

nfc readers and tags

Appendix E - PN532 NFC reader V3 Wiring

pn532 v3

Appendix F - SPI configuration for testing PN532 using libnfc 1.1.7

spi config

  • 1
    Goddammit. allow_autoscan=true fixed this. Was wondering if there was something wrong with my PN532. Thank you. Jul 8 at 15:50
  • 1
    Gald that you solved the problem. Cheers.
    – tlfong01
    Jul 9 at 3:07

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