I am trying to implement Live Broadcast by Agora.io in React Native mobile application. I have previously implemented video call successfully. I have gone through documentation, compare and contrast video call to live broadcast ( both web sdk). I could only find a difference in mode of the client which corresponds to channelProfile in react-native sdk. In documentation it says there are three different modes: Communication, Live Broadcast and Gaming. When I implemented video call I assigned 1 for the value of channelProfile, it worked fine, quality was good enough. However, when I assign 2 for channelProfile to indicate it is a Live Broadcast, the quality goes heavily down. Do I make anything wrong while implementation of Live Broadcast? How can I improve the quality of Live Broadcast? For consideration, I put my code below:

const config = {
        appid: 'MY APP ID',
        channelProfile: this.props.navigation.getParam('channelProfile', 2),
        clientRole: this.props.navigation.getParam('clientRole', 1),
        videoEncoderConfig: {
            width: 360,
            height: 480,
            bitrate: 1,
            frameRate: FPS30,
            orientationMode: Adaptative,
        audioProfile: AudioProfileDefault,
        audioScenario: AudioScenarioDefault
    RtcEngine.on('userJoined', (data) => {
        console.warn("user joined", data);
        const { peerIds } = this.state;
        if (peerIds.indexOf(data.uid) === -1) {
                peerIds: [...this.state.peerIds, data.uid]
    RtcEngine.on('error', (error) => {
        console.warn("error", error);

In Agora's SDK there used to be three channel-modes, but recently the gaming SDK has been combined with the native SDKs so there are only two channel-modes, communication and broadcast.

Each mode optimizes for different qualities within the channel and within the streams. For broadcasting the documentation mentions that when using default bitrate that broadcast mode uses twice the bitrate of communication.

If you are having quality issues you should consider changing your bitrate, currently your code is setting the bitrate to 1 which is very low. Agora provides a list of suggested resolution profiles, fps, and bit rates.

Agora Video Bitrate documentation: https://docs.agora.io/en/Interactive%20Broadcast/API%20Reference/oc/Classes/AgoraVideoEncoderConfiguration.html#//api/name/bitrate

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    Thank you for your answer! I found out that 0 value of channelProfile is used for video chat and 1 is used for broadcast. Value of 2 doesn't exist and therefore, the quality was bad. – Javid Haji-zada Mar 26 '20 at 17:00

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