I am developing a PWA that requires Push-Notifications. Sadly IOS/Safari does not support https://w3c.github.io/push-api/#pushmanager-interface for now, so I think i might have to wrap a native APP around in some way.

In Android (before their "Trusted Web Activities" was a thing) you could use a WebView to basically display a headless Chrome-View in your App. Whats the equivalent in IOS and how does the interaction between push-notifications and the Webapp (the browser need to jump to a specific page) work?

One more thing I need is integration with our companys Mobile Device Management, which is Microsoft Intune. Having integrated MDMs in Android in the past i Know that this might be a major pain in the a**, so i'm considering to build the wrapper myself, for maximum flexibility. Another option would be something like Ionic, not sure now.

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