I have a created a meshgrid in numpy with x and y coordinates with z as value to use for coloring points:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.animation as animation
import numpy as np
%matplotlib notebook

x, y, z = np.meshgrid(np.arange(1, 101), np.arange(1, 101), np.zeros(1), indexing = "xy")

If I plot this using scatter, I get the result I want:

plt.scatter(x, y, c = z)

Now I have written an update function that takes in x and y and manipulates z:

def funcUpdate():
    global x, y, z
    for i in range(len(x)):
        for j in range(len(y)):
            count = int(np.count_nonzero(z[i-1:i+2, j-1:j+2] == 1)) 
            if count > 0:
                if count == 1:
                    chance = 5 
                if count > 1 and count <= 4:
                    chance = 6-count 
                    chance = 1
                if np.random.randint(chance) == 1:
                    z[i, j] = 1

And now I am stuck. I would like to run the update function n number of times, and have an animation that updates my scatter plot for each step. Please help out.

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