Trying to achieve this using Delphi 10 Seattle/Intraweb 15.0.23

Tried the sample code and received a 401 error. Have installed chilkat and unlocked chilkat API for 30 day trial run.

Used Global unlock code from here https://www.example-code.com/delphidll/global_unlock.asp

Using Docusign code from here https://www.example-code.com/delphidll/docusign_request_signature_via_email.asp


Response Received

Response Body: {} Response Status Code = 401 Response Header: Cache-Control: no-cache Content-Length: 249 Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8 X-DocuSign-TraceToken: e863f1f6-253b-437a-a4e8-fd1815d6b262 Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 19:15:52 GMT Vary: Accept-Encoding



This is an authentication issue. Not sure how you obtained your accessToken, but the error is "The access token provided is expired, revoked or malformed." You need to ensure you obtain your accessToken from the correct endpoint and that is for the correct account. If you are using JWT - check your RSA private key. Also, the delphi code is a bit outdated and uses API 2.0, you should use 2.1

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  • Appreciate your response. I am using JWT and wasn't aware that I had to use the RSA private key. – msgopala Mar 30 at 11:59
  • Would you mind marking this question as resolved? – Inbar Gazit Mar 30 at 16:02

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