The main objective of this question is to have a system running permanently on the server to broadcast music.

I would like to create an artisan console function that will automatically launch a track from its parent game every 32 seconds. Unfortunately the sleep() function blocks the parent loop.

Two questions (or maybe three): What would be the solution to prevent the parent loop from stopping? Does this method consume too many resources? Is there a better way?

public function fetch($games) {

    foreach ($games as $game) {

        $tracks = Track::inRandomOrder()->where('game_id', $game->id)->limit($game->tracks_number)->get();

        foreach ($tracks as $key => $track) {

             broadcast(new NewTrack($track));

             if($key + 1  == count($tracks)) {





Many thanks for your feedback

  • How do you know the parent loop is stopping? Do you receive any errors? – user8555937 Mar 24 at 18:21
  • I know it because i don't get the broadcasts from other games, Only from the first one. – mchev Mar 24 at 18:55
  • Append set_time_limit(0); before foreach and try again. – user8555937 Mar 24 at 19:00
  • i tried but it doesn't work – mchev Mar 24 at 21:01

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