I'm trying to use strategy in Tensorflow. I know how I can get summation and mean value of the result from each replica. However, if the result of each replica is array, how can I merge these arrays from each replica to one array?

The following is the code for getting Loss:

    # val
    def distributed_val(ds):
        total_loss = tf.cast(0.0, tf.float32)
        num_train_batches = tf.cast(0.0, tf.float32)

        for one_batch in ds:

            per_replica_loss = strategy.experimental_run_v2(
                self.loss, args=(one_batch,))

            total_loss += strategy.reduce(
                tf.distribute.ReduceOp.SUM, per_replica_loss, axis=None)

            num_train_batches += 1

        return total_loss, num_train_batches

I used the function strategy.reduce() to get the summation of loss.

If the per_replica_loss is array, how can I merge these arrays to one array.

Thanks a lot.

  • From what I understand there should be a Strategy.concat() function, but it doesn't seem to be effectively implemented yet. – servabat Apr 9 '20 at 13:50
  • Yeah. It is not implemented yet. – MrJasonLi Apr 17 '20 at 6:24

Use strategy.unwrap(tensor) . I return a tuple of each replica PerReplica

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