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On mobile, for PWAs the header will collapse if you scroll down; when this happens the backdrop leaves a gap on the bottom of the screen the height of the address bar.

What can I do to set the backdrop to fill the gap?

Thanks! ( Ignore the silly dummy data :-D )

        style={{ zIndex: 1, color: "#fff" }}
            <Fade in={open}>
                <DefaultMargin modifier="modal"> 
                    <div className={modalBemify("modal_paper")}>

Modal closed, with address bar Modal open w/ address bar Modal open w/out address bar

You can see the 3rd image has a gap in the transparent background when the address bar collapses.

  • Create an example (with CODE) where we can reproduce your backend. We can't do anything just with pictures. – cloned Mar 25 at 7:43
  • The address bar only collapses with a downloaded PWA - I'm looking for an answer from someone who has come across this before - otherwise I need to create a whole dummy PWA to give people a way to test – Schalton Mar 25 at 13:55
  • you don't your PWA is just some html + css. create an example with html+css and then we can help you. – cloned Mar 25 at 14:09

I removed the background from the material-ui Backdrop component (background-color: unset !important;) and added it to the .modal class (background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 95%);)

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