name = input("Whats your name?: ")

Can I use for example my .txt that is in the same directory on the input 'name'? I tried the code bellow /

    with open(name.txt, "r") as file:

But its not working :(

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    What is not working? Please provide a minimal reproducible example. – a_guest Mar 25 at 13:37
  • Its just not doing anything, its just there, after I put that function with open[...], it just give me to enter text on the 'name' input – Mordecai911 Mar 25 at 13:38
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    The name of the file should be a string: open('name.txt', "r") – Tomerikoo Mar 25 at 13:46
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    Your problem is really not well explained. Please post in the question if you are getting any kind of error, if you are getting a wrong output than expected and please post the exact code that you are using – Tomerikoo Mar 25 at 13:50
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    Please edit the question with that information, don't use the comments. And I really don't understand what surprises you. You have the line name = input(), that asks for input from the user. If you don't want it - remove it... – Tomerikoo Mar 25 at 14:31

It's a bit unclear what you want exactly. I think you want the variable name to be a name taken from a textfile.

with open("name.txt", "r") as file:
   name = file.readline().strip()


It works by opening up the file name.txt for reading as text, then it reads the first line, strip() is used to remove any spaces or newlines, and it is stored in the variable name.

There is no need to call input().

Be sure to read the tutorial on input and output.

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